Sesame Street Episode 4802

Sesame Street Episode 4802

Rosita's Sneaky Sneakers
Season 48 (2017-2018)

Open: The theme of this episode is shoes so Rosita is in front of the viewers full of shoes.

Scenes: Today we meet a new shop opening in Sesame Street. As we can understand opening the episode it is a new shoe shop. We see the Cinderella on the Sesama Street. Lucy Liu acts as Cindrella. Cinderella doesn’t like to be a princess, because of being a princess, she doesn’t do whatever she want. It prevents her fun. Also fancy dresses and shoes are not comfortable and then she decides to escape and hire.

Rosita is in front of the shoe shop and suddenly meet Cinderella. Cinderalla asks Rosita to help her and provide her to hide. They avoid duke inside the subwaystation. Cinderella hires her identitiy and doesn’t say she is a princess. When Rosita asks her name she says My name is Cindy. They play games and Cinderella enjoys so much even it is the best day of her in her life. But they have a problem that is Cinderella’s shoes, it is not comfortable and causes her to slip. Rosita gives Cindella her favourite shoes, Cinderalla gets it and they can play game such as hopscotch without slipping.

Abby Cadabby joins the group outside the shoe shop. Rosita is so surprised when she learns she's really Cinderella. Abby cadabby puts Cinderella's new shoes on her feet in a magic way. . Cinderalla invites the ribbon-cutting, it is a kind of opening ceremony of the new shop, and then Rosita and Cinderella go back to play hopscotch.

Film: Kindness Cam

Muppets: Today the letter of the day is S. Abby Cadabby introduces us with a song, it includes the letter S.

Film: S is for Shoes that is the main theme of this episode.

Sesame Street Episode 4802

Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck: Thanks to a little girl, we see how cranberries grow, the viewers visit cranberries bog. It is said thanks to a little girl, because she orders cranberry muffins but as all Sesame Street videos fans know Cookie Monster has eaten all muffins. All this events take the audience to the cranberries bog. Get the most beautiful cookies with Cookie Monster.

Sesame Street Episode 4802

After letter B, It is time to number. In this episode we will count 17. Cookie Monster sings a song with his friends There is 17 Cookies  and of course he eats all of them.

Film: Mr. Shoe

Mr. Shoe

Elmo's World: Elmo talks about shoes in this episode. Tutorial and funny. Elmo's World Shoes.

Sesame Street Episode 4802

Scene 2

Outro: At the end of the episode Cookie Monster reads a poem about being polite and he shares his cookies with a boy and Rosita to Show his politeness. Sesame Street Episode 4802 video ends.