Sesame Street Episode 4632

Sesame Street Episode 4632 Video

Sesame Ocean
Season 46 (2016)

Open: Grover dreams himself at the beach and suddenly see a crab, episode starts this scene.

Scenes: Elmo is at the Street with Dorothy and try to provide Dorothy see the neighborhood except from his room. They see Big Bird with her dogs, Grover and Simon make Dorothy "wish" she could explore the street too. And this time Abby Cadabby is on the stage and hears the Word of wish and decides to carry out wish. And says the magical words with his wand ‘’Street turns into Sesame Ocean’’.

All the characters in the Street (Big Bird included) that time turns into fish form and they all swim like a fish. Dorothy leaves from her bowl, swims  and disappears. Elmo and Abby Cadabby starts to search Dorothy and Elmo thinks an orange thing can be a clue to find her.

They go the 123 Sesame Street aquatic version, where both of them seean orange something moving fast in a nearby sea chest. This turns out to be the home of Oscar the Crab, who tells them to scram. (Oscar the Crab reminds me Oscar the Grouch.)

 Elmo is disappointed and thinks never find Dorothy, but Abby Cadabby persuades him to find a new clue it can be the last chance of finding Dorothy. They swim back to Hooper's Store and find Dorothy.  They go back Sesame Street to normal and wait for lunch.

The letter of the day: Today the letter of the day is O. Elmo is sings and dances with a song with O. Bert and Ernie seem to be only just here throughout the episode. But I want to see Bert and Ernie more often.

Film: Owen dives to the ocean to find the letter O. O for oceanic orchestra.

Smart Cookies: Lady Crunchington is on Pecan Sandy Beach. Smart Cookies to protect her from the Crumb when she likes at the beach. With a surfboard they want to save both grab and Lady. Cookie Monster looks on a surfboard.

Sesame Street Episode 4632

Muppets/Film: After letter B, It is time to number. In this episode we will count 6. They sing a song for number 6 and also number 6 is in a pile of pebbles.

Elmo the Musical: Elmo meets the audiences again. It is time Elmo the musaical, this episode’s Musical name is Beach the Musical. This episodes main theme is beach. Elmo dreams himself on Happy Crab Beach, King Crab governs here. The whole of residents in this beach quite happy. But there is a little shrimp here and it is unhappy this beach, because it is too small to do something. After some events, the little

Sesame Street Episode 4632

Outro: Cookie Monster and Rosita have a race. We're at the end of Sesame Street Episode 4632 video.

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  1. Sesame street was brought to you today by the letter O and by the number 6.