Sesame Street Episode 4630

Sesame Street Episode 4630 Video

Afraid of the Bark
Season 46 (2016)

Open: This episode’s theme is dog. Grover introduces the viewers with some dogs.

Scene: Scene starts with Bob and his dog while walking together. At the same time Elmo sees Zoe , Zoe plays rock and roll. They play with Rocco which is Zoe’s pet rock. They play together and wants to send him further. Suddenly Barkley grabs him with his mouth. Bob takes itback and gives Zoe but Rocco is with sloppy. Zoe feels upset and doesn’t want to play there and run away this place with Elmo.

Zoe and Elmo are in front of the Hooper’s store. Zoe was happy until she sees a dog and again wants to away from there. And finially Elmo realises that Zoe is afraid of the dog.

Elmo thinks there is no need to fear from dogs and try to overcome with Tau and his dog. Its name is Puna. Zoe comes closer to it and thinks it is cute until it barks again Zoe is afraid of and run off.

Gina, who is a veterian, helps Zoe with Elmo. Zoe is under the tablet hey call her and Show a dog. Zoe is again coming closer and can overcome her fear. They walk and sing ‘’ Walking the dog’’ .

Muppets: Today it is time for letter, today’s letter is D. Muppets sing a song and dance the letter D. We thank the muppets for the letter of the day of Sesame Street.

Film: A boy talks about Digby (his dog) D for dogs.

D for dogs

Murray Has a Little Lamb: Murrray has got a small lamb which is Lamb Ovejita. He takes lamb to the Vet School Dr Dave. Doctor gives some instructions to Murray to look after Ovejita. Murray learns new information about animals from Dr Dave. Thanks to these new information, Murray helps a dog and check its health.

Murray Has a Little Lamb

Muppets: After letter D, on Sesame Street, the number of the day is 5. Count von Count introduces number 5 with a song.

Animation: Number five for a dog house.

Number five for a dog house

Cartoon: Five dog bones & Five dogs

Five dogs

Elmo's World: it is time for Elmo's World. Elmo's World Dogs.

Elmo's World Dogs

Outro: The last part of the episode Cookie Monster is on the stage and as usual with a cookie. He teaches litlle girl the art of eating cookie. It is verf funny to watch Cookie Monster while eating his cookies. Sesame Street Episode 4360 video ends.