Sesame Street Episode 4628

Sesame Street Episode 4628

Mi Amiguita
Season 46 (2016)

Open: Cookie Monster welcomes the viewers with his favourite cookie but a little bit difference because he doesn’t say English words, he says some Spanish words. “galletas

Cookie Monster

Scene: Beginning of the scene Chris and Mando are together and before they start to play basketball,  Rosita comes and asks them her delivery. She wonders that they see anything about it or not. She gives an order from and excepts it, and suddenly her package is delivered by a pig. The package includes a book that is Hola, Lola! Now we can understand why Cookie Monster speaks Spanish. 

The book is about a mexican boy, and Rosita likes it and wishes to write this type of book. She decides to do the same. Mando gives her with some materials and says the tittle of the book should be Mi Amigita Rosita. Title is ready it is time to write. At this time Elmo and Zoe comes and asks her to sing and dance, she accepts and dances together. It is very funny. 

Now Abby Cadabby is here but Rosita still doesn’t write anything. Now Telly and Baby Bear is on the stage and they invites Rosita to play with dolls but Rosita has to refuse because she has to write but she doesn’t succeed it, Chris and Mando tells her to inspire from Sesame Street, maybe it can help her to write.  Finially she completes her book, and tells her story with playing guitar.

Celebrity: The guest of Sesame Street Episode 4628 video is Gina Rodriguez. Gina Rodriguez and Elmo recite the alphabet in Spanish.

Gina Rodriguez

Murray Has a Little Lamb: Murray and Ovejita go to the dance school to learn Flamenco. They begin but at firdt it is difficult for Murray later he can learnd and can dance well.

Murray Has a Little Lamb

Muppets: Song: Spanish Me, English Me. Singer: Matt Vogel (An Anything Muppet boy)

Spanish Me English Me

Muppets: The number of the day - 9. Count von Count introduces 9.

The number of the day 9

Cartoon: We count 9 Spanish Dancers.

9 Spanish Dancers

Iguana the Musical - Elmo the Musical: This time Elmo dreams himself as an iguana while singing in a desert. He meets a new Spanish iguana friend. New friend feels sorry because she misses grandma’s birthday. Elmo has a strong imagination and thanks to it he gives her to Mexico. In fact, they find correct house, just in time for a fiesta! Elmo the Musical ends.

Sesame Street Episode 4628

Outro:  The last part of the episode Cookie Monster is on the stage and as usual with a cookie. He teaches litlle girl the art of eating cookie. It is verf funny to watch Cookie Monster while eating his cookies. Sesame Street video ends.