Sesame Street Episode 4627

Sesame Street Episode 4627

Bye, Bye Pacifier
Season 46 (2016)

Open: Episode starts with a baby and Grover. As we have seen, the theme of this episode is related to this.

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Scenes: Elmo bumps into Baby Bear and Curly Bear on the Sesame Street. Curly bear has a problem with her pacifier, she cannot give up pacifier. Elmo understands her very well because had same problems too. They ask help and so Elmo begins to tell story with flashbacks.

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Elmo gives his pacifiers away to Leela in the past. When Elmo places pacifiers in the box, he reminisces on how each binky would help him. Suddenly Baby Bear interrups story and says Curly that it can be a good inspiration for her to leave from pacifiers, but Curly rejects it. Elmo goes on his story.

In the next part of story, Elmo goes to the Hooper’s Store.  Chris can exchange Yellow Binky for any toy on shelf.  Elmo says good bye but a few mins later he misses it and wants to bunny it.

Sesame Street Episode 4627

Elmo was a Binky Fairy in training it is the other next part.  Abby Cadabby arrives and after he listens Elmo’s problem decides to help. He takes his own pillow, places his binky beneath it and pretends to sleep. Abby Cadabby changes it into a dollar in a magical way. Baby Bear thinks it can be good idea for Curly until hearing this method didn’t work for Elmo that time. And he ask in a very desprated feelings all methods didn’t work and how what did? Elmo goes on and says how he gave up.

Elmo talks Gordon this issue.  Gordon tells he could only use it some of the time and soon, he is going to say "Bye Bye Binky" and do other big-child things too. They all together sing the song and now Curly is ready to leave pacifier. When he leaves it, they go to Hooper’s Store to buy a new toy.

the letter of the day: Elmo and gang is on the stage and introduce the letter of the day. It is B. Sesame Street characters sing a song and dance. (Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Bert and Ernie, Abby Cadabby, Grover) ( B for baby. (Added audio)

Sesame Street Episode 4627

Song: B is for Baby. A song about the letter B.

Sesame Street Episode 4627

Smart Cookies - The Hidden Teething Biscuit: Sesame Street Episode 4627 continues with Smart Cookies. Smart Cookies are baby sitter in this part. They make sure the Crumb doesn't take the baby's teething biscuit. Cookie Monster comes and after some events baby suddenly start to cry loudly. They give baby little cookie,  but baby still crying. After some clues, Eventually, Cookie Monster realizes it's under the baby's teddy bear.

cookie monster

the number of the day: The number of the day is 12. Count von Count introduces the number and with his friend sing songs. Thanks to Count von Count for this useful information. And also thank you for this beautiful song.

the number of the day

Animation: There are 12 pinballs to describe 12. This is a remake version. We remember the old version from the old episodes of Sesame Street.

Sesame Street Episode 4627

 Elmo's World: Are you ready to watch one of the most entertaining parts of Sesame Street? Yeah, you're in the right place. Elmo's World Babies.

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PBS Outro: At the end of the episode, Rosita and Cookie Monster are on the stage and cookie monster talks about the signifiance of running in terms of exercise. And then they run and have a race. We're at the end of this episode of Sesame Street.