Sesame Street Episode 4624

Sesame Street Episode 4624

Abby Makes the Seasons Change
Season 46 (2016)

Open: This episode begins with the presentations of four season by Cookie Monster. Cookie Monster compares the season in terms of what kind of cookies should be eat.

Cookie Monster

Scenes: Scene starts with Chris, he explains the season it is spring, displays the tree in the arbor. Telly and Baby Bear play tag. Mr. Johnson orders hot soup, because the weather is not hot enough to eat outside. Elmo comes and he has a sled and wants to sledig, but Chris says it is impossible because there is no snow in the spring. Elmo feels upset and wishes to be winter season now.  Abby Cadabby hears it and again wants to achive Elmo’s wish. Says the magical words but mistaken magical words because the season turns into summer instead of winter.

Weather gets hotter and hotter, trees is full of bloom. Mr Johnson realises weather is too hot to have hot soup and changes order wants a cold gazpacho.

Abby realises her mistake and changes again the season, but again it is false, the season becomes the fall.  The wind starts Johnson gets confused and wants again hot soup. Baby Bear is here too. He plays football. The season is suitable for him to play football.

Sesame Street video scenes continue. Abby Cadabby again says the magical words and now it is right and winter comes. Chris has shocked when seeing snow everywhere. And understands it is Elmo and Abby’s idea. Baby Bear sleep as hibernate. Mr Johnson’s soup frozes. Elmo persuades to Abby to change the season become again spring. Abby Cadabby uses wand and makes the spring again. Everything comes back as it was in the beginning of the episode. Chris shows Elmo that Elmo can use sled in the spring as well. Chris has rigged Elmo's sled with wheels and starts pulling him down street.

MuppetsToday, in Sesame Street Episode 4624, The letter of the day is S. Elmo sings a song and dances the letter S. Added: S for season. In this scene, Elmo dances with Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Grover, Abby Cadabby, Bert and Ernie. It's good to see Sesame Street characters together.

Sesame Street Episode 4624

Muppets: Zoe, Rosita and Abby Cadabby sing "Guess the Seasons" and ask the audiencer to do so.

Guess the Seasons

Smart Cookies: Lady Crunchington is on Pecan Sandy Beach. Smart Cookies to protect her from the Crumb when she likes at the beach. With a surfboard they want to save both grab and Lady.

Sesame Street Episode 4624

Muppets: Count von Count and his friends are on the stage. They sing a song and dances. The number of the day is 4.

The number of the day

Elmo’s World: Hey, how's the weather there? Elmo's World Weather

Elmo’s World

Outro: At the end of the episode Cookie Monster and Rosita are on the stage. Cookie Monster explains her the importance of running for exercises. And they they run and have a race. Another Episode of Sesame Street video ends.