Sesame Street Episode 4605

Sesame Street Episode 4605

Funny Farm
Season 46 (2016)

Open: Episode starts with ELMO. Elmo imitates some farm animals, but he doesn’t remember the voice of goose. Suddenly a real goose comes, it makes a surprise and remembers Elmo its voice.

Scenes: Hooper’s store is full of decorated, Grover also adds balloons, snacks and confetti to there. Elmo and Abby Cadabby surprises and wonders what is happening there. Grover explains that he gives a party, farm fiesta party for farm animals. Grover thinks animals will like it but it doesn’t become as he thinks. A cow, pig and chicken arrive and leaves so quickliy in a shocked and panic way. Grover feels upset and does’t understand why they escape. Abby Cadabby advices him to find different way to provide farm animals like, and imitates their sound to call them again.

Sesame Street scenes do not end here. Animals can back and now the party can start. Grover gives pizza to the animal, they taste it but but immediately turn on it. Abby Cadabby again says he should him their like and he calls Alan to ask what farm animals eat. He points out it should be hay and grain.

Grover has planned a pony ride, but he doesn’t think enough it because pony cannot carry all animals. And alls over under their weight. He volunteers Alan instead and the animals jump onto him, leading to the same results. Elmo thinks a vagon and tractor are good ide oto move these animals. Before Grover can head off to the tractor dealership, Abby Cadabby magically poofs one up.

Finially party becomes good and it is time for sing a song and dance. There is a disco ball. But luckily Grover thinks animal farms won’t like it and he advises Old MacDonald that farm animals gravitate to.  All of them sings and spends funny time. So the scenes of Sesame Street Episode 4605 are finished.

Muppets: The gang and Elmo tells the letter of the day, it is F. Added: F is for Farm. Grover, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Murray, Bert and Ernie are here. I'm happy to see Sesame Street characters together.

the letter of the day

Film: A little girl tells a film, her friends and she visit Stone Barns Center. She explains about it such as chicken, eggs etc.

Stone Barns Center

MuppetsAfter the letter F, Count von Count again on the stage and as usual expresses the number of the day. This episode’s number is 3.

the number of the day

Super Grover 2.0: Super Grover comes to a farm to help a sheep. He has lost her knitting needle in a haystack. He tries to find but it is impossible and need help.  He finds a magnet it is good idea to find it but first magnet pulls cow's bell and horse's bucket instead of knitting needle.  When he has just given up, magnet suddenly pulls needle, shhep becomes happy and thanks him.

Super Grover

Elmo's World: We both laugh and learn about farms. Elmo's World Farms

Sesame Street Episode 4605

Outro: At the end of the episode Cookie Monster and Rosita talks about the significance of running for exercise. They run and have a race together. Sesame Street video ends.