Sesame Street Episode 4153

Sesame Street Episode 4153
Maria the Chicken
Season 38

What's the Word on the Street? It is rhyme

Scenes: Zoe and Rosita see a mysterious object lying on a crate. Rosita thinks it can be a popsicle stick. But Zoe says no that cannot be a popsicle stick. It is Abby Cadabby’s magic wand. Rosita wonders and wants to use. But zoe refuses and points out that it cannot be a good idea because they are not fairy god-monsters. And apart from this, Abby probably wonders where is her wand. They decided to give it her.

zoe sesame street

They go to Fix it Shop, Maria is here and she has lots of things to repair. Gabi says Mrs Chicken called and she is coming to get her toaster. Maria is excited, at this time Zoe and Rosita asks her if se sees Abby Cadabby, but Maria has no time to see or answer them, she wishes she would snap fingers and have everything on the table fixed by magic. Rosita finds it a good idea and and uses wand for this wish.

Rosita and Zoe debate about using wand, Maria realises she needs a tool and leaves to buy it, but they do not realise her.

Rosita thinks magic is easy, only they need to know neccesary words in a ryhme. She uses wand says some words and and they see a chicken, they think that they change Maria into a chicken.

rosita sesame street

Gabi asks her mother where is she, they become panic, and again uses wand it only provides hair wig to chicken such as Maria’s hair. They say again words in rhyme in Spanish, this time only they create a sombrero.

Rosita has a new idea to show the chicken Maria’s photos, in order to remind her old days and body shape. The chicken tries to protest, but they still think it's Maria.

Abby calls Rosita and comes to get wand, she says she can change chicken into Maria, but when she says the words, hesitates and turns chicken into a pumpkin.

abby cadabby

They look pumpkin and hears Maria’s voice, they surprise and then they realise Maria comes and pumpkin is actually Mrs Chicken, Abby Cadabby asks help her grandma, changes pumpkin into chicken. The story of Sesame Street characters ends here.

Film: We're watching a movie about chickens and eggs.

Celebrity: The guest of Sesame Street is Ice T. Ice T speaks to us about the word rhyme.

Film: We're listening to a song about the words with -AP in it. Like Tap or Rap.

The Letter of the Day: Cookie Monster presents the letter of the day. It is V. We continue to learn the alphabet with Cookie Monster.

cookie monster

Animation: A letter V is made. A scissors, pencil and ruler become friends to accomplish this job.

Animation: Children find a wild letter V in the forest.

Muppets: Murray Monster and Venetia talks about Venetia’s favorite thing to eat for breakfast.

murray sesame street

Film: First we come across the word eggs. Then the fried eggs are shown.

Song: The animals that own the eggs come together. They sing a beautiful song. "Let's Lay an Egg"

Film: An old lady teaches to a parrot to speak Spanish.

Celebrity: Our other guest in this episode is Jamie Foxx. Jamie Foxx is a famous American actress. Elmo and Jamie Foxx sing the alphabet together. There's a duck and a fox. Guess what their name is?

Jamie Foxx

Cartoon: A little duck watches other ducks playing in the water and wants to join them. This is very tragic. Let's see what will happen?

Bert and Ernie: “The Paperclip” is singed by Sesame Street characters Bert and Ernie.

Sesame Street Episode 4153

Muppets: This is a story about Twiddlebugs. Will Thomas Twiddlebug find his snowshoe?

Sesame Street Episode 4153

The Number of the Day: The Count is on the stage to present the number of the day. The Count celebrate the number of the day 6 with five sheep and a duck.

Sesame Street Episode 4153

Film: There are 6 dogs. You know Wegman dogs. They want to show the number 6.

Film: There are 6 children who are dancing. Each child is in front of a separate color.

Cartoon: This animation is a remake. Funny birds sitting on something. "There's a Bird on Me"

Elmo's World: In this episode we know birds that are flying from heights. Elmo's World Birds

Elmo's World

Closing: Sponsors are announced by Oscar the Grouch. After this announcement, Sesame Street Episode 4153 ends.


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  2. Me:ah greetings number lovers ha ha it is I Aaron they call me that name because I love to count things I'm so glad you could join me today in my castle and it's more exciting because you're just in time for the number the number of the day ah ah ah isn't that exciting I wonder what the number of the day could be alright my little bat chicks let's find out haha 1!
    Me:Oh the suspense 3!
    Me:Oh the mystery 5!
    Me:whatever could the number be 6!
    Me:6 haha what a surprise 6 is one of my favorite numbers haha and what's that I hear could it be the sound of sheep laughing?
    Me:yes that's ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฆ†
    ๐Ÿฆ†:these guys quack me up
    Me:so that makes 12345 laughing Sheep and 1 quacking Duck altogether makes 6 6 I love 6 and I love a joke *laughs* a good laugh nothing like it *laughs hysterically*.

  3. Sesame Street was brought to you today by the letter V and by the number 6.