Sesame Street Episode 4150

Sesame Street Episode 4150
Telly helps Gordon practice golf
Season 38
The Dixie Chicks visit Sesame Street.

COLD OPEN: "What's the Word on the Street?" -- windy

SCENES: Gordon says welcome to everyone. He has a golf play with Alan later and that’s why he has set up a miniature golf course to prepare for it. Telly is very impressed with it. And Gordon shows her how to play miniature golf. It’s not easy to make the ball into the hole.

Sesame Street 4150

Telly borrows a pillow from Maria to simulate a real hill on a golf course. Gordon mentions that the game is now harder because of the hill but on the 4rth stoke he can send the ball to the hole! Telly congratulates him. Gordon says that golf play has weather hazards. Telly has always new inspirations about the game.

Telly borrows a wading pool from Ernie and Bert. He wants to make a pond simulator with it. The game is now harder for Gordon.

As Gorgon makes his training, Elmo and Rosita stop by to watch the game. Every time the ball makes it, they cheer. Gordon says that there is another obstacle: the sand traps. Telly has a new inspiration.

Sesame Street 4150

Telly talks some kids to pour buckets of sand for Gordon’s golf course. It is now difficult for Gordon, at his first try the ball goes over the hill but ends up in the sand. At the third stroke, he did it.

Alan is very impressed by the setup but he also tells that it will be windy weather. Has Telly an idea for this problem too?

Telly wants to simulate a windy day. To make it happen, he added an electric fan to the course. Big Bird, Zoe, kids, and monster come also at the scene.

Telly turns on the fan as the Gordon hits the ball, but Gordon makes the ball reach the hole this time too. The training has finished and Alan and Gordon are going to play the real game.

Elmo and Telly liked the wind simulation. Telly gets inspired and…

Sesame Street 4150

AnimationA rabbit wait to become spring and it hides from the windy, rainy weather.

MuppetsBip Bipadotta sings a song about "Air." (First: Episode 2568)

CastHow’s it like when it gets windy? Gina demonstrates it.

FilmA spring kite festival is held. Children and adults can participate in this festival. (First: Episode 3276)
The Letter of the Day: B
Cookie Monter is talking about the letter B with his mother. Her mother is trying to prevent her from eating the letter B. ("What the hey? KOWABUNGA!") (First: Episode 4025)

Sesame Street 4150

AnimationB for Boat (First: Episode 4058)

CelebrityDixi Chicks, Big Bird, Bert, Baby Bear, The Count, and the bats are singing the song "No Letter Better Than B" (First: Episode 3996)

Sesame Street 4150

CartoonA girl learns to roller skate. It takes over many days. (First: Episode 3556)

MuppetsBert tells Ernie that air can move many things. He is reading an interesting book about air. Ernie makes an experiment with an electric fan and the wing blows Bert’s book away. Now they can play baseball. (First: Episode 3552)

Song: "Play Ball!" Come on y'all! (First: Episode 4083)

MuppetsHero Guy - Baby Bear wants to fly with Hero Guy. Unfortunately he can’t fly by himself (First: Episode 3989)

Sesame Street 4150

Song"I'm a Little Airplane" (First: Episode 3266)

MuppetsGrover the Flight Attendant:  Mr. Johnson is cold and Grover tries to help him. First, he suggests exercising, then with a big hug but nothing works. All he needs is a blanket. (First: Episode 3103)

AnimationWe see a Van Gogh painting. In this painting is a baby that makes the first steps to Papa (First: Episode 3492)

Song"Walk!" (First: Episode 3830)
The Number of the Day: 18
The Number of the Day is 18 and a jumping number arrives as the number of the day. (First: Episode 3993)

Sesame Street 4150

CartoonSuzie Kabloozie: Judge #18 (First: Episode 3877)

FilmKid mural painting #18. (First: Episode 3582)
Elmo's World: Weather (First: Episode 3984)

Sesame Street 4150

InsertAbby Cadabby displaying some clips of the previous segment and she remembers the sponsors. Sesame Street Episode 4150 ends.


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