Sesame Street Episode 4088

Sesame Street Episode 4088
How many balloons to raise Snuffy?
Season 36 (2005)
Richard Kind visits Sesame Street.

Air date: April 11, 2005   Written by: Tony Geiss


Healthy Moment: When coughing you must cover your mouth and when you sneeze you must cover your nose or snuffle. Richard Kind and Snuffy explaining how to do that. This can prevent germs from spreading.

SCENES: Three girls are dancing a short dance and when they are finished comes Snuffy wearing a cloud outfit. The girls say hi to him. Snuffy says also hi and continues walking on and he sings to "If I Was a Cloud in the Sky". 

Sesame Street Episode 4088

Snuffy wonders how he can go to the sky and he wants to be a real cloud. He tries jumping up in the sky but sure this is impossible.

Oscar ties a balloon around Slimey so he can float in the air. Count watch them during this experiment. Snuffy is watching Slimey too and he realized that he can fly with balloons too. If he ties balloons to him he can float in the sky. But unfortunately, he doesn’t have any money. The Count suggested that Snuffy can make a wish.

Snuffy accepted this and he wishes for a balloon. The Fairy Balloon Person (Richard Kind) comes to grant Snuffy’s wish. Snuffy needs 40 ballons to lift him up. But the Fairy Balloon Person says he can give him 5 balloons each time. Count counts each balloon by 5. After 20 balloons the balloon wand wasn’t working. The Fairy Balloon person must fix his wand so he had to find more balloons. 

Sesame Street 4088

Big Bird and the Birdketeers are wondering about Snuffy’s experiment. He explained that he wishes to float to the sky and he wants to be a cloud. He sings and dances to "If I Was a Cloud in the Sky". 

Episode 4088

The Fairy Balloon Person finds 20 balloons and he comes back to add them to the other balloons to make 40 balloons. Finally Snuffy started to float through the air.

Snuffy is very happy to be in the sky with birds and clouds but finally, it’s getting cold and he feels lonely.  Now he wishes to go back down again. 

Sesame Street Episode 4088

Snuffy would rather be a Snuffleupagus than a cloud and he realizes that everyone he loves is down on Sesame Street. Someone needs a balloon by Mister Roger’s Neighborhood and Fairy Balloon Person goes there. Finally Snuffy wishes to be a Birdketeer. He goes together with Big Bird and the Birdketeers and the Count counts their tweeting.

Song: "I'm a Little Airplane"  (First: Episode 3266) cut from the online version

Animation: As Vivaldi music plays, some Elephants appear in the clouds. (First: Episode 3627)

The Letter of the Day: K. The Letter of the Day is K. Cookie Monster teaches Prairie Dawn the word Kowabunga. (First: Episode 4067) 

Sesame Street Episode 4088

Film: Pencil box: K/k (First: Episode 2876)

Film: In this film, some girls are dancing and chanting about K. (First: Episode 3012)

Animation: The Letter k is for the king, kiss, and key. (First: Episode 3084)

The Spanish Word of the Day: Leche (First: Episode 3988) cut from the online version

Cartoon: Healthy Food Cartoon: Watermelon

Muppets: Maria wants to read but an Action Elephant convinces her to kick her feet with him instead and she is interrupted by him.

Film: In this film muscles and bones are helping people to move and jump.

Muppet & Kid Moment: There are differences between fur and skin and Grover observes them with Eric. (First: Episode 1642)

Muppets: Ernie imagines sometimes to be a knight in shining armor who battles a dragon, a sailor, or himself. He sings the song Imagine That. (First: Episode 2142) 

Sesame Street 4088

Animation: In this animation, Arnold rides his chair. (First: Episode 2754)

Global Grover: Kites from Malaysia. (First: Episode 4044)

The Number of the Day: The Number of the Day is 12. The Count is with Countess and their band of musicians and they are counting and singing up to 12. 

Sesame Street Episode 4088

Film: Milo Counting: 12 (First: Episode 3568)

Animation: Clown Honking #12 (First: Episode 3210)

Animation: "Counting Stars by 3's" (First: Episode 4069)

Hero Guy: Hero Guy can’t fly, but even now Baby Bear wants to have a Flying Adventure in the Sky with him. (First: Episode 3989)

Elmo's World: Weather (First: Episode 3984)

The Adventures of Trash Gordon: Chapter 842, Planet Huff-and-Puff: A Big Bad Wolf fights air with air and Trash handles the wind of him. Sesame Street Episode 4088 ends after The Adventures of Trash Gordon. 

Sesame Street Episode 4088


Cartoon: "From Your Head" Artist: Sally Cruikshank

This segment replaced "I'm a Little Airplane" in the online releases of the episode.

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  1. Sesame street was brought to you today by the letter K and by the number 12.