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Sesame Street Elmo's World: School

             Elmo welcomes viewers with Dorothy. We hear school ring. Elmo opens the door and we see a class with students and a teacher. Elmo explains the theme of the episode. It is School. There is also a short video clip including school and some students who are at the class, doing some class activities together.

Elmo's World School

Dorothy's Question

            Dorothy is not alone in her bowl; there is a blackboard decoration in her bowl. Dorothy asks what you do to ask a question in school. Elmo opens the window to ask Mr. Noddle. Mr Noddle listens question carefully and tries to answer, but as usual his first attempt to answer question is wrong. He wants to use trumpet and raises his foot and eyebrows. After these unsuccessful attempts, he can find the right answer and he raises his hand to ask question at the school.

Sesame Street Elmo's World School

Kids and Baby

         There kids are here, they are playing school show raising their hands. They answer Dorothy’s question, too.

Elmos World School

Elmo's Question

            Elmo raised his hand for a question like he is at school and asks the viewer to count a school of fish getting onto a school bus. There are seven fish getting onto the school bus.

Sesame Street Elmo's World School


            It is quiz time; Elmo asks how else you can get to school. He gives some multiple choices to find the right answer. We see Slimey, he uses to cannon to arrive school, when he is in a hurry.

Elmo World School

Video E-Mail

            Elmo has a video e-mail from Snuffy and his new friend Rosalyn. They show Elmo a castle which they built out of block and then laugh and dance so hard, the castle falls down.

Sesame Street Elmo's World School


         Today there is a short video. Elmo's friend Tatiana is in the video. She goes to the school and shows her a school day. She goes to the class, listens lesson, do some school activities with classmates, has lunch etc.

Elmo's World School

TV Cartoon

         There is a cartoon in The School Channel. It is an educational Tv channel. The name of the program is "The Boy Whose Family Loved School".

Sesame Street Elmo's World School


            Elmo talks to a school. They talk about things you learn at school and the different levels of school like pre-school, high school etc. The School tells Elmo, "Stay in school!".        

Elmo's World School

Tickle Me Land

            Dorothy imagines Elmo as a student and his graduation, Elmo gets diploma from high school. And then she imagines Elmo when Elmo is celebrating his graduation. At the end of the episode Elmo, Dorothy and some muppets are singing the School song and they say goodbye. Sesame Street Elmo's World School video ends.

Elmo's World School


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