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Sesame Street Elmo's World Penguins

Written by: Tony Geiss   Directed by: Victor DiNapoli   First Appearance: Episode 4114

Elmo's World Penguins is a special Elmo's World episode. It’s all about the world of penguins, their environment, and their physical characteristics. The reason is to allow for a greater understanding of the flightless birds which often adorn frozen food packaging and Christmas wrapping.


Guess what Elmo's thinking about today? Elmo opens the door and he welcomes four penguins that slide into his room. In the video, he watches some penguins swimming, penguin toys, and art.

sesame street Elmo's World Penguins

Dorothy's Question

Dorothy has this time a cartoony penguin decoration in her fishbowl. She wonders how someone pretends to be a penguin.

The Noodle Family

Mr. Noodle tries to act like a monkey and a chicken. After that, he tries to do a tuxedo and flippers. The penguins greeting him like he is also a penguin and they walk around him.

sesame street Elmo's World Penguins

Kids and Baby

Some kids are trying to walk and swim like penguins. A baby is playing with a squeaky penguin plush toy and Elmo asks some questions to the baby.

Elmo's Question

Elmo wants to count how many CG penguins sliding on ice. He asks the viewer to help him with counting. They are grouping together just like bowling pins and a CG sea lion is rolling into them.

sesame street Elmo's World Penguins


Elmo has some questions about how penguins stay warm. He asks them in yes/no form. At this moment Big Beard appears with a penguin wearing a scarf. He says his Granny Bird knitted it for his cousin Blubba. His cousin lives at the South Pole.

Elmo's World Penguins

Video E-Mail

It’s a video e-mail time. In this e-mail, Grover is at the South Pole and he wants to watch the penguins fly to Capistrano. But the penguins can not fly, so Grover decided to show them how to fly.

Elmos World Penguins


One of Elmo’s friends John has to work with his dad at Atlantis Marine World Aquarium in Riverhead, N.Y. They get to help the penguin habitat and feed the penguins at the beach area.

Elmo World Penguins

TV Cartoon

We are on Penguin Channel. Bubbles Martin presents the ‚‘‘Penguins on Parade‘‘ and then is following Splash, The Wet Wing, and Good Morning Antarctica.

Elmo's World Penguins


The emperor penguin wearing a red tonga and a crown of golden leaves. Elmo talks with him about the parts of a penguin’s body.

sesame street Penguins

Tickle Me Land

Dorothy imagines that Elmo is a penguin. Sesame Street Elmo's World Penguins ends with the penguins song.

sesame street Penguins

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