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Sesame Street Elmo's World: Horses

             Elmo welcomes viewers with Dorothy. The door knocks and when Elmo opens it, he meets four horses in front of his door. And then we see a short video clip including horses and kids. As it is seen the theme of the episode is horses.

Elmo World Horses

Dorothy's Question

            Dorothy is not alone in her bowl; there is a little toy horse in her bowl. She asks Elmo how you pretend to ride a horse. Elmo opens the window, it is time for Mr. Noddle. Mr. Noddle is here, he has a big dandelion on his vest. He sneezes and then listens Dorothy’s question. He misunderstands question as usual, he pretends as if he uses a car,and then a boat. And finially he can find and shows, thanks to him, Dorothy’s question is answered.

Elmo's World Horses

Kids and Baby

         There is a short video clip with kids. There are there kids and Kids answer Dorothy’s question, too. They pretend to ride a horse.  Elmo has a toy horse, he plays it and a baby watches them.

Elmo's World Horses

Elmo's Question

            Elmo has a question. He wants to know  how many teeth a horse has in his mouth. There is a cartoon horse and Elmo counts its teeth. It has twelve teeth.

Elmo's World Horses


         It is quiz time. Elmo has questions about where horses live, he asks his question with multiple choices. The child answers horses live in a farm. We meet Snuffy, he looks like a horse with his costume.

Elmo's World Horses

Video E-Mail

         There is a video e-mail from Grover and Fred the Wonder Horse. They show what horses like to eat. There is pizza on the table, too. Grover wants to eat hay but horse warns him and says hay is for horse, pizza for you.

Elmo's World Horses


         Today there is a short video. In the video, there are a horse instructor and her student who is a blind student. The video is about their training with an Icelandic mare named Lukka.

Elmo's World Horses

TV Cartoon

         There is a cartoon in The Horse Channel. It is about a pony tale: "The Horse Who Loved His Girl."

Elmo's World Horses


         Elmo opens the door, he meets a horse and at the same time he surprises because he can speak with a horse. Then we see the family of horse. Elmo and horse talk about his tail and hair. They also talks about the jobs of horses.

Elmo's World Horses

Tickle Me Land

            Dorothy images Elmo as a cow horse first. And then we see Elmo as a police horse and a theatre horse. At the end of the episode Elmo, Dorothy and four horses are singing the horses song and they say goodbye. Sesame Street Elmo's World Horses video ends.

Elmo's World Horses

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