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Sesame Street Elmo's World Bugs

Written byAnnie Evans
Directed byKen Diego - Victor Di Napoli - Jim Martin - Steve Feldman
VideoSpringtime Fun - Firefly Fun and Buggy buddies
First AppearanceEpisode 3917

Guess What Elmo’s Thinking About Today?

          Elmo and Dorothy saying hello. Todays episode at the Sesame Street is about bugs. Elmo opens his door and a fly, a bumblebee, a cricket , a butterfly, a ladybug and a spider coming in. Elmo wants to talk about bugs in Elmo’s World today. We are seeing  many kids, that searching for bugs in nature.

Elmo's World Bugs

Dorothy’s Question

          Dorothy asks a question. She asks how bugs are getting from one place to the other. Elmo wants to ask the question to Mr. Noodle. He is sleeping in a garden and a fly is bothering him. His first answer is that the bugs are going with roller blade from one place to another, but it’s not true. After another try, Mr. Noodle finds out that some bugs an fly.

Elmo's World Bugs Dorothy’s Question

Kids and Baby

          Dorothy asks other kids about this and the kids are telling Dorothy how other bugs are going from one place to another. Elmo asks the question to a sweet baby, but baby is just playing with a lady bug toy and laughing. Elmo kisses the baby and says thank you baby.

Elmo's World Bugs Kids and Baby

Video E-Mail

           Sesame Street Elmo's world Bugs continues with e-mail. Elmo receives a video e-mail. Prairie Dawn tells with a video e-mail, about the story of Little Miss Muffet. Then a spider comes and shows who loves yoghurt and granola. Spider loves yoghurt and granola.

Elmo's World Bugs Video E-Mail

Elmo’s Question

Elmo calls a centipede and wants to count how many legs has it . He counts together with kids.

Elmo's World Bugs Elmo’s Question


          Elmo wonders who are all bugs living. He tries to find out that. Spider is living in a web, ant is living in the ground, bee is living in a hive e.t.c. Ernie shows the bugs that are living at his window box.

Elmo's World Bugs Quiz


           Elmo’s friend Charisma has a backyard at her home. She shows Elmo, the bugs that are living at her backyard. Ladybugs are her favorite bugs. Elmo finds that ladybugs are really friendly.

Note: You can watch Sesame Street elmo's world video about bugs at the top of the page.

Elmo's World Bugs Film

TV Cartoon

          It’s time for the bug lady at bugs channel. She talks that she loves bugs and her favorite bug is ants. She sings a song about ants. The song shows how the ants are marching.

Elmo's World Bugs TV Cartoon


          Elmo wants to find out more about bugs, so he decided to talk with all bugs. He want to know everything. They tell him all things that bugs are doing.

Elmo's World Bugs Interview

Elmo's World Bugs Interview

Tickle Me Land

          While Elmo talking with bugs, Dorothy imagines Elmo as a spider spinning a web, as a firefly and as a lot of bees.

Elmo's World Bugs Tickle Me Land

Finally they are singing all together Elmo's World Bugs song and saying goodbye. 

Elmo's World Bugs song