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Sesame Street Elmo's World Beach

Guess what Elmo’s thinking about today?

Elmo opens the door and we can see a beach. He goes off-screen and puts on a beach hat, sunblock on his nose, a life vest, and sunglasses but then a seagull flies by and takes Elmo’s hat with it.

Sesame Street Elmo's World Beach

Dorothy’s Question

Dorothy’s question for today is: How do you spread out your towel at the beach?

The Noodle Family

The shade opens and we see Mr. Noodle. Elmo’s beach hat falls onto Mr. Noodles' head and Mr. Noodle gives it back to Elmo. Mr. Noodle then wants to show us how you spread out your towel, but instead, he takes out a pineapple. Then He takes the towel but puts it on his back and pretends to be a superhero. Then he finally spreads out the towel but it gets carried away by the wind.

Sesame Street Elmo's World Beach

Kids and Baby

Two kids show Dorothy how they spread out their towels together. Then, Elmo’s hat gets taken away by the seagull again and Elmo tries to get it but fails. Then, he gets a different hat and asks a baby how it spreads out its towel.

Sesame Street Elmo's World Beach

Elmo’s Question

Elmo asks the viewers how many surfers the can count. Elmo counts 10 Surfers and one wipe up.

Sesame Street Elmo's World Beach


The Count counts sand grains at the beach and notices that he has done it all day.

Sesame Street Elmo's World Beach

Video E-Mail

Oscar and Slimey show us what you need when you go to the beach.

Elmo's World Beach


Elmo’s friend Charles tells us about him and his family going to the beach for the whole day. He collects shells and goes into the ocean too!

TV Cartoon

The TV is channel surfing and stops at the Beach channel where some crabs show us how to dance the crabby crawl.

Elmo's World Beach


The seagull takes Elmo’s last hat but says that Elmo can have one of his hats back.

Elmo's World Beach

Tickle Me Land

Dorothy imagines Elmo riding a wave on a bodyboard.

Sesame Street Elmo's World Beach


Elmo and the seagull sing the Beach Song together. Sesame Street Elmo’s World Beach video ends.

Sesame Street Elmo's World Beach

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