Elmo's Sing Along Guessing Game

Elmo's Sing Along Guessing Game

Elmo's Sing-Along Guessing Game is a video from 1991. It has released by Random House as a part of the Sesame Songs series.

Frame 1

Elmo is hosting the Sing-Along Guessing Game. The contestants are - Mary and her little lamb from Nursery Rhyme, South Dakota, and Mr. Johnson. Elmo explains the rules. He will ask a question. The answer to the question is in a music video. The contestants have to find out the answer. The first question is - "What part of the body am I? If you didn't have me, you couldn't bend your arm to tickle your nose."

Elmo's Sing Along Guessing Game

Muppets: Frog Kermit sings a song named "I Love My Elbows." Sesame Street Elmo's Sing Along Guessing Game will continue with frame 2

Frame 2

The contestants don’t find an answer. Elmo knows the answer. This is "Elbows". But he does not suppose to answer. He asks then the second question: "What do you call the front part of your head?"

Elmo's Sing Along Game

Muppets: One Fine Face song by Elmo and Ernie.

Frame 3

Elmo can not control himself. He wants to go to the trampoline and to say the answer but actually, he shouldn’t do that. The director is angry. She announces important news.

Muppets: Kermit and other Sesame Street characters are singing the song "Get along"

Elmo's Guessing Game

Frame 4

Now Mr. Johnson is the new host and Elmo is a contestant. The new question is "What do you call something you sing that has words or just a lot of [Next card] 'la la's?"

Sesame Street Elmo's Game

Muppets: Elmo’s Song. We will listen to the song of Elmo and his friends in the video "Sesame Street Elmo's Sing Along Guessing Game".

Elmo sings Elmo’s song and plays the piano with other Sesame Street characters. Big bird sings with him the Big Bird song.

Frame 5

This time Mr. Johnson goes to the trampoline and answers the question. Finally, the director hosts the show and she asks the question: "What are the two numbers that come after the number 6?"

Sesame Street Elmo's Guessing Game

Cartoon: The Aligator King

Muppets: Eight Balls of Fur song singed from Little Crissy

Frame 6

This time all contestants know the answer. They answering altogether. The answer is 7. The director asks the next question: "What do you call the one person in the whole world that you most like to play with?"

Cast: Big Bird, Mr. Snuffleupagus, Uncle Wally, and Mrs. Trump, Susan and Gordon  are singing the song "My Best Friends." This song is one of my favorites in the "Sesame Street Elmo's Sing Along Guessing Game".

Sesame Street Elmo's Sing Along Game

Frame 7

Mary says she got the answer. Her best friend is her lamb. They are bouncing together at the trampoline but they don’t come down. A studio audience can play the game too and this is Oscar the Grouch. The nest question is: "What is it that Grouches really love to collect?"

Elmo's Sing Along Guessing Game

Muppets: Oscar sings the song "I love trash"

Frame 8

Mary and her lamb are in the studio again and she answers. Oscar gives also the right answer "trash !!!". He can say what he wants now, he just wants to get out of the studio.
The final question is: "What is the name of this famous dance?"

Muppets: Count von count sings the song ‘’Lambaba’’ and he counts the lambs.

Elmo's Sing Along Guessing Game

Frame 9

This time the lamb answers. And Mary says that her lamb loves this dance. They play the song again and all guests are dancing. Sesame Street Elmo's Sing-Along Guessing Game ends after this last song.

Elmo's Sing Along Guessing Game

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