Sesame Street Abby in Wonderland

Abby in Wonderland

Release Date: 2008
Produced by: Genius Entertainment
Abby in Wonderland, an adaptation Alice in Wonderland is a direct to DVD production. But it releases on November 2008 after Thanksgiving and during the holiday season.


          Abby Cadabby brings books with her magic wand by singing. These are fairy tail books. In the meantime, she is greeted with the inhabitants of Sesame Street that have passed and passed. Abby dreams of being in a fairy tail.

         Elmo offers to come and play together, but Abby says she has important business. Abby plans to read all the fairy tail books she brought with magic. Her favourite book is Alice in Wonderland. Elmo laughs. His favourite book is Alice in Wonderland too. Abby tells Elmo that her biggest dream is to be in a fairy tail and asks him to read the book for Abby. But Elmo can not read, but he can tell the story.

Abby in Wonderland

         Abby's adventure begins in "Sesame Street Abby in Wonderland." As Elmo tells the story of Alice in Wonderland, she sleeps and begins to dream. Elmo is a rabbit in a hurry in Abby's dream. Abby follows him. Meanwhile, it comes to a door, but the door is very small. Rhyme drink tells her that if she says the rhyme correctly, she can shrink. Abby shrinks but this time she can't get the key to open the door. The magic cookie tells you how you can grow if you speak the right words. Abby grows and opens the door, then shrinks again. Abby puts the rhyme drink and the magic cookie in her pocket and enters through the door.

          She came to a magical forest full of large flowers. Here she meets Counterpiller (Count von Count) and his friend Rosita. They offer her to stay with them and count numbers. But Abby says she has to find the rabbit and get her magic wand back from his pocket.

Sesame Street Abby

          She sees the rabbit, but he tells that he must catch up with a T party in a hurry and goes running. While looking for him, she encounters a cookie cat (Cookie Monster) and the cat shows her the way.

Sesame Street Abby Wonderland

Sesame Abby in Wonderland

          She comes to Mr Mad Hatter's hat shop. Rabbit is here too. They invite Abby to the tea party. We face a surprise in "Sesame Street Abby in Wonderland". In fact, the party is the T and t party. Abby asks back the magic wand from the rabbit, but the magic wand has fallen on the way as the rabbit's pocket is torn. Abby begins to look sadly for her magic wand. Now she doesn't want to be more in a fairy tail. Rabbit finds him and wants to help but the King needs to go to the cricket party.

Sesame Street Abby in Wonderland

          Abby follows him. The King has found the magic wand of  Abby but does not want to return it. The condition to return is for Abby to play cricket with him. In "Sesame Street Abby in Wonderland" The winner will own the magic wand. As the King cheats, Abby loses. Rabbit protests against the King and tells Abby to give her magic wand. King is very angry with Abby and the rabbit. He orders the guards to catch them. 

Abby in Wonderland

          Abby tells the rabbit to hold the cookie and they grow up together. Abby takes her magic wand. Now she wants to return home. But she doesn't know how to wake up. Rabbit tells her that he will help her and wakes Abby up, but Elmo actually wakes her up. Abby tells Elmo what happened and tells she waits to take apart into a fairy tail until she grows up and offers Elmo to play together. Will Abby return to "Sesame Street Abby in Wonderland" someday?

Abby in Wonderland

Abby in Wonderland Cast of characters (Sesame Street Characters)

Abby Cadabby as Alice
Elmo as the Red Rabbit
Grover as the Mad Hatter
Cookie Monster as the Cheshire Cookie Cat
Count von Count as the Counter-pillar
Oscar the Grouch as the Grouch of Hearts
Rosita as Little Rose (Rose-ita)
Zoe as Mousey the Hatter Helper
Ernie and Bert as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

Merchandise and premiums

Sesame Street Abby in Wonderland storybook
Abby's Wonderland Learning Adventure workbook
Kmart exclusive coloring book
Kmart exclusive coloring book sticker sheet
Kidtoon Films coloring sheets
Tea Party in Wonderland
International releases
Australia, 2009
Madman Entertainment
Mexico, 2010
Ventura Entertainment

Promotional appearances

Martha T Party
The Muppets join Martha Stewart for a "T" party

Abby in Wonderland Performers

In Sesame Street Abby in Wonderland, Starring the Muppets of Sesame Street

Leslie Carrara as Abby
Kevin Clash as Elmo
Jerry Nelson as the Count
Caroll Spinney as Oscar
Carmen Osbahr as Rosita
David Rudman as Cookie Monster
Fran Brill as Zoe
Eric Jacobson as Bert and Grover
Steve Whitmire as Ernie
Matt Vogel, Martin P. Robinson, Tyler Bunch, Rickey Boyd
With Muppet Performers

Peter Linz, Paul McGinnis, Pam Arciero, John Kennedy, David Stephens,

Abby in Wonderland Credits

Written by Christine Ferraro
Directed by Kevin Clash
Songs by Mark Radice
Vocal Coach: Dave Conner
Senior Producer: Melissa Dino
Producers: Tim Carter, Benjamin Lehmann
Co-Executive Producer: Kevin Clash
Executive Producer: Carol-Lynn Parente
Associate Director: Ken Diego
Senior Muppet Consultant: Kevin Clash
Assistant Muppet Captain: Matt Vogel
Jim Henson's Creature Shop
Costumes and Additional Puppet Design: Jason Weber
Puppet Workshop Crew: Connie Peterson, Rollie Krewson, Polly Smith, Paul Hartis, Andrea Detwiler, Michelle Hickey, Chelsea Carter, Marc Borders, Loryn Brantz, Taylor Harrison
Design Consultant: Rickey Boyd
Set Consultant and Street Set Design: Victor DiNapoli
Storyboard Artist: Louis Mitchell
Senior Graphic Designer: Mike Pantuso
Sound Effects: Dick Maitland, C.A.S.
Animation by Magnetic Dreams Animation Studio
Cameras: Frank Biondo, Jerry Cancel, Shaun Harkins

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